Manx Night Raises well over £1,000

Manx Night Raises £1145.12 (every penny counts!)

Last Saturday’s Manx Night last Saturday raised the grand sum of £1145.12 for ASTRA.

ASTRA and chief organiser Trish would like to thank everyone who came along to support us and for your generosity.

Special thanks to all the army of people who toiled away behind the scenes to make sure everyone got fed and ‘watered’ – it couldn’t happen without you!

The winner of the draw for a crossing to the Island, generously given to us by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., was Peter Willis. Congratulations Peter, we look forward to hearing about the trip on your return.

Special thanks to Adrian Kirkwood for some fantastic photos of the event which can be accessed via this link

Manx Night - Bow Brickhill, 29 July 2017

So where does that leave our fundraising efforts…

This result will mean we can meet our present commitments and prepare for the next stage and apply for planning!

The steering group are sitting down now to prepare the work to support our `big’ grant applications – the remaining £165,000. Bearing in mind thanks to the efforts of our Parish Council and David Hopkins we have some £67,000 in the bank (well almost).

Thanks again on behalf of ASTRA.

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