Bah Humbug Auction raises £678!

Mr Ebenzer Scrooge has presided over the Bah Humbug auctions for several years and has given us plenty of merriment. On the 27th January villagers turned out in good numbers to enjoy another such occasion. This year he introduced a new apprentice, young Luke Scratchit – clearly someone we would call these days an ‘unpaid intern’ – who had to operate in the dim lighting provided by two candles in an almost unheated hall where a single smouldering log added to the evening’s entertainment. A cool and smokey prospect, but everyone there huddled round the candles enjoyed the night.

You never know what will come up at Bah Humbug. Boxes of chocolates, a Republican Party mug of Donald Trump, vases and knick-knacks, a sat-nav system (thank goodness young Scratchit was able to explain that one to Mr Scrooge) and collector’s items such as a book of stunning photos of Formula 1 star Max Verstappen, donated by Red Bull Racing. All that was missing was a spare Christmas Pudding to auction off, maybe there will be one next year.

All proceeds went to ASTRA for the Church Hall re-build project. A fantastic sum of £360 was raised on the night and in following days this increased to a total of £678 through donations by people who were unable to attend the event itself and from other generous contributions.


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