Wine Tasting Evening raises £1,117 for ASTRA’s Emily Locking Appeal

We’d like to thank everyone who came to ASTRA’s Emily Locking Appeal `Wine Tasting Evening’. With your invaluable support, we raised a staggering £1,117.01.

It was just like the old days! With Denise struggling to make herself heard over the laughter and chat, us not remembering a single word other than recalling that was a lovely wine and I must get some very soon!

How on earth Simon served up a wonderful meal for next to nothing amazes me. It clearly must have been his `home grown lettuce’ that made the numbers stack up. Then there was that amazing pudding!  Yum!

Winding up the evening it would not have been complete without `Simon’s Magic’. The duck has gone from strength to strength during the intervening years since our village lost this wonderful couple to Wing and the Queens because he found the correct card from the pack and was actually `blindfold’ – how amazing was that!

We have to thank the wonderful team who together with Denise and Simon put on this community event especially Mary, Kim, Sue M and of course all those who on the night just get stuck in to help set up and then dismantle, wash up and stack away the tables and chairs. Thank you to all those who contributed raffle prizes especially the auction items May Butcher, Ron Fox and to Paula administrating the Bowfest Auction (more news on that is to follow).

Finally, on behalf of ASTRA allow me to thank all those who joined us and gave so generously to this urgent appeal.

So, thank you all again. And if you haven’t got your tickets for Bowfest on Saturday, 27 July you better get in touch with either Colette or Kim!

You can donate to Emily Locking’s appeal via gofundme.

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