Church Hall tidy up – we need your help!

Dear Friends of ASTRA

It seems we have started the holidays for our children and it is vital we carry out a small number of maintenance tasks in readiness for their return in September. In answer to this call ASTRA invites you to a `Free Fun Day’!

ASTRA needs a working party to spend an `exciting fun day’ in the existing hall tidying up in preparation for the next term and winter :

  • Filling a small area of external render
  • Quickly filling a few patches and painting the corridor (walls and ceiling) outside the existing toilets
  • Quick licks of paint on 3 internal doors
  • Fixing the bolt and lock to the back door perhaps giving it a quick lick of paint
  • Quickly filling a few patches and painting the entrance hall (walls)
  • Providing a simple gate (to existing uprights) to prevent children climbing onto the concrete steps (the present gate has collapsed)
  • General clean up

It’s the usual set up – we will try and supply refreshments etc, dance music to help keep up the work rate (I joke).

ASTRA needs:

  1. DIY painters (say 6 of you) bring your own brushes etc.
  2. Cleaners and movers (say 6 of you again) bring your own marigolds
  3. A person filling holes, cracks and anything else that requires attention plus a wooden small box to protect some central heating pipes (no more than 40cm square
  4. Small catering team to look after everyone

Date: 31 August
Time: 10am to 4pm

Thank you in anticipation of your support even if for a couple of hours. It would be great to see parents of children using the present hall Pre-School, Brownies and other clubs if that were possible so pass on the call to action.

Please email the first instance to add you name to the list along with preference for jobs and or contributions (cake sandwiches etc even paint if you have some knocking around, even an old gate)

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