Pipes, Tiles and Wires! Latest on the new community hall

The new community hall build is happening at an astonishing pace. The plumbing pipes are being laid, slates are flying onto the roof and a spaghetti junction of wires have been installed. The next job will be all the boarding out. The employees of Liskanda and FJ Morris are a credit to their professions. You can view up to date photographs of the progress below.

ASTRA still has a way to go in raising the last tranche of funding with every avenue possible being pursued. You can help out by Sponsoring a Slate, Buying a Whiskey Lottery Ticket or getting involved with The Grand Christmas Draw. Thank you to Chris French, Ann Sidgwick, Gill Cannell and Sally Pepper who are instrumental in these initiatives. Special thanks must go to Chris Barrington who amongst other applications is trying to obtain a grant for an accessible kitchen, this will include ‘rise and fall’ frames for use by the less able.

A number of important visitors have been welcomed on site including His Grace The Duke of Bedford (our patron), MP Iain Stewart, Cllr David Hopkins and Chair of BBPC Julian Price. It is fair to say that they were all impressed with the design and quality of our new building and are all trying to influence sources of money! ASTRA is particularly grateful to the CEO at MKC who has promised some additional funds.

The constitution is at a final draft form thanks to Nick Wagstaff and Prof Stephen Mayson and the skeleton of a management committee is in place. A very generous offer of help with the garden has been gratefully accepted.

Finally thank you to our neighbours who have been and continue to be incredibly patient as the work progresses.

Please support your new community hall TODAY!

Special thanks to Lisa Jeffries for these fantastic photos.

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