Online Community Quiz – Friday, 27 November 2020

Trying to while away lockdown evenings but read all the books, baked all the cakes, re-decorated the house? 

Why not join in the Bow Brickhill Online Community Quiz on Friday 27th November, 7.30-9.00 p.m?  All proceeds will go to help fitting out the fantastic new Community Hall on Church Road. 

The cost is £2 per person and you can win 30% of the takings for first prize and 20% for second prize.  The more people taking part, the more you can win! 

Maximum of 6 in a team (which can be from different households!).  

Download our quiz guide below for further details on how to take part.

Full instructions

Here’s a quick guide to joining in the Bow Brickhill Online Community Quiz, in aid of the new Community Hall.  We’ll be using Zoom.

You don’t have to memorise the detailed instructions about playing!  We’ll repeat the information on the night but you might find it useful to take a quick look if you haven’t used Zoom before.  And you’ll need to register beforehand (see below).

Type of quiz     

This will cover Trivial Pursuit categories

  • History
  • Geography
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Music (all genres)
  • Science and nature


The first prize will be 30% of the entry fees and second prize will be 20% of the entry fees.  The eemaining 50% goes towards the Community Hall.

How to register

At least two days before the quiz date, please email the host, Beverley Thompson, on asking to register.  The entry fee is £2 per person.

You can form teams with others outside your household (maximum of 6) but they’ll need to email and register as well.  So, make up a team with your sister in Swansea and your brother in Barcelona!  It would be helpful to let the host know the name of your team and who’ll be in it beforehand, if possible.

To make your payment of £2 per person, please go to and choose Quiz.  You can pay just for yourself or also for others on your team.  Please email when you’ve made payment saying who you’ve paid for.

How to play

When you register you will be sent a link to Zoom, which you can download free if you haven’t already got it.

On the evening of the quiz, use the link (or the ID and password, which you’ll also be sent) to join.  It would be useful to do this about 5 or 10 minutes before the start.

Look and see what name appears against you.  It will be the name held by whatever device you’re using and might just say something like “John’s iPad” or “User”.  Change this to your name so that the host and others can easily recognise you.  You can do this by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of your picture and choosing “rename”.

The host will start by assigning everyone to their team, using a facility known as “breakout rooms”.  So, if you can email the name of the team and the participants beforehand it will save a bit of time on the night.

Using the Zoom screen to join in and play (don’t worry – we’ll go over this again on the night of the quiz!)

On the Zoom screen you will find a toolbar giving you various options.  Depending on your device, this will be at the top or bottom of the screen. 

For example, you have a choice between “gallery view” and “speaker view”, and this will appear in a corner of the window (top right on the desktop version).  If you choose “gallery view” you’ll see a small picture of everyone.  If you choose “speaker view” you’ll highlight the person speaking.   Of course, if you don’t want to be seen you can turn off the video!

To receive the questions, you’ll need to select “chat” in the toolbar.  This will open a chat screen, probably to your right.  The host will paste the questions into the chat.  When you’re assigned to your team you can use “chat” to send back your answers – but only send them to the host.  The default for sending messages in “chat” is “Everyone” but if you press the down arrow you can choose only to send to the host – Beverley.

Wait until you’ve answered all the questions before sending your answers.  There are 10 questions per round and you’ll be given 10 minutes to reply.

Good luck!

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