Bow Brickhill Reverse Raffle

As you may know Trish, sadly and unexpectedly, lost her son Adam just before Christmas.  She and his brother had already bought his Christmas present – A NINJA Health Grill & Air Fryer and the accompanying cook book which together are valued at £225.

Trish has now very kindly donated this and many other lovely prizes to raise funds for the Commmunity Hall and the proceeds from this will buy a comfortable sofa to go in the new hall in Adam’s name.  I was tasked with helping to arrange this and wanted to do something a little different and have come up with an idea for a “Reverse Raffle”.

Here’s how it works:  

1.  For the 12 Good Prizes & 12 Booby Prizes Trish has selected 24 numbers from 1 – 100.

2.  These 24 chosen numbers will be allocated, in advance, against all the prizes except the star prize.

3.  When all 100 numbers are sold the draw will take place.

4.  Trish will pull numbers from the drum assisted by Andrea and Luke.

4.  As each number is pulled it will be announced whether that  number has won a prize or not.

5.  If the number has won, the actual prize, good or booby, will be announced.

 6.  When all 24 prizes have been won the next number out of the drum will win the star prize

This means that no-one will know who has won the main prize until the very end.  So that’s why it’s called a “Reverse Raffle”.  Just wanted to try something different that would make the draw a bit of fun and encourage you to buy lots of numbers. 

Star Prize

NINJA Health Grill and Air Fryer and cook book

Good Prizes

  • 1.8L George Home Compact Slow Cooker 
  • George Home Non Stick Sandwich Maker
  • Kenwood Mini Chopper 
  • Portable Charger 
  • Apple Peeler & Slicer 
  • Heart-shaped snack dish 
  • China Mug & Coaster 
  • Home Made Cake 
  • Living Diffuser 
  • Forest Retreat Candle 
  • Wooden Cheese Board with Cutter 
  • Tu China Cup and Saucer 

Booby Prizes

  • Roll of Recycle Bags
  • Large Wooden Spoon
  • Crock Rolling Pin
  • Squirrel Nut Cracker
  • Cheese Slicer
  • Grapefruit Cutter
  • Milk Frother
  • Fly Swatter
  • Baking Brushes Set
  • Home Baking Fairy Cake Cases
  • Old Bay U.S. Seasoning
  • Drum of Ground Black Pepper

Full details of how to enter the prize draw are on the Bow Brickhill Reverse Raffle poster below.

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