Plates, tables and a playground!

At last we are in the final straight of this massive project. Can I just thank all our immediate neighbours who have been incredibly patient with us over the last few months?

Outside, the garden is ready for planting when the weather improves. We are grateful to Freddie Drabble, Gill Cannell and Andy Dishman who undertook the tedious job of picking up all the stones and debris before the soil, membrane and bark could be laid. Work is progressing well with the children’s playground. 

Outside of Preschool hours, this safe facility will be available to all the under 5’s in the village to enjoy. We are looking forward to being able to plant the Blue Spruce which was a generous gift from Liskandas to this community.

Inside, all manner of items are being delivered from tables and teacups to toilet rolls and hand sanitisers. The cleaning company has been booked so that once the final trades move out the whole building can be given a proper clean.

It was with mixed feelings that we waved goodbye to site foreman Smudge, he has been with us every step of the way. We are indebted to him for his hard work and professionalism. 

The Management Committee, which represents all sectors of this community, is up and running, busy preparing all the necessary administrative functions required before it can commence taking bookings and then ensure the efficient running of the hall. 

Fundraising will continue for some time to come, you can appreciate that there is absolutely no money left in reserve!

Burns Night

Thanks to the ingenuity of Kim and Russell Gallacher along with Ian McColl, Burns Night 2021 might have been virtual, but it was a huge success.

We were entertained with music, a virtual tour of Robbie Burns’ house, plus a selection of verses and poetry, some by the great man himself but others more recently composed! What a fun night and thanks to the generosity of the attendees another 17 slates have been purchased for the hall by way of a commemoration of the event. 

Reverse Raffle

After the tragic and unexpected death of her son, Trish Wilby donated the present she had bought for him as a major raffle prize. Ann Sidgwick took up the challenge, with her novel idea of a Reverse Raffle. It really caught everybody’s imagination and in a very short time, all 100 tickets had sold raising another £520. Congratulations to the King Family who won the main prize (Ninja Cooker) and to all the others who won one of the 20 decent or booby prizes!

Thank you also to Trish Wilby for offering a PlayStation for which Kyle Bridgeman donated £50 and Sue and Peter Willis for £40 from the sale of a spinning wheel. 

Details of forthcoming events which include a Spring Raffle, and Easter Egg Hunt for the youngest Bow Brickhillians and a Pop Up Plant stall are listed elsewhere in this newsletter. And of course it is not too late to Sponsor a Slate.

On behalf of ASTRA thank you for your unprecedented support, once COVID restrictions are lifted this village will have a fully operational Community Hall.

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