4.1 seconds makes a huge difference! I didn’t hear you!

Almost the final job of the construction team building the Bow Brickhill Community Hall has been the installation of the much-awaited specialist `Acoustic Panels’ in the main room.

The design team anticipated the acoustic problem at the building design stage however our impecuniary situation dictated the problem be set aside for later. The main hall echo was an uncomfortable 5.6secs but now thanks to these amazing panels by EcoSorba (a panel that can be painted to stand out or blend in), that echo has been reduced to a mere 1.5secs! We can go further but it’s about balance especially when the community itself has to provide every penny of the cost of constructing this amazing new Community Hall. A community hall that we can now proudly say was a finalist in the International Offsite awards losing out only to a multimillion-euro development in Stockholm for goodness sake!

So before thanking the team involved in this almost final job of the overall project, and before handing the Community Hall over to your independent Management Committee, can I just thank you all again for your magnificent generosity in making the rebuilding of this vital village asset possible.

 An acoustic solution to Bow Brickhill Community Hall – thankyou to:

  • Steven Crabbe CMI Workspace and designer
  • Ben Newington Soundsorba Ltd
  • Andy Day Carpenter
  • Frank Morris FJ Morris Main Contractor
  • Chris Barrington
  • Alistair Twigg

Visit Bow Brickhill Community Hall’s new website.

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