ASTRA's History

How ASTRA came to be

In 2011 the village faced the seemingly impossible challenge of restoring our historic 15th Century church tower, which was at serious risk. The challenge and cost was estimated as enormous, yet undaunted the village established All Saints Tower Work in the Church

Restoration Appeal (ASTRA) as a combined faith/secular sub-committee of Bow Brickhill Parochial Church Council.

Over the next three years ASTRA harnessed the spirit and endeavour of residents to raise funds, obtain grants, roll up sleeves and support the professional trades, from stonemasons to carpenters, in everything from restoring mullions and mitres to painting and pointing. In 2014 the Tower stood proud again atop Bow Brickhill. Equally importantly the village stood proud, the project proving an amazing catalyst for community engagement and cohesion. The Church

Soon after, ASTRA evolved into ASTRA Community Projects to take on our current ‘mission impossible’ – reimagining and rebuilding our beloved but dilapidated village hall as a Community Hub, so it can continue to serve the village for many decades to come.