ASTRA’s role

ASTRA Community Projects works alongside the Parochial Church Council, the Parish Council, Milton Keynes Council, educational establishments and social groupings to help the village community achieve its aspirations to make Bow Brickhill a pleasant environment for all residents across all ages.


 ASTRA is not just about heritage conservation matters. We have shown that we are doing our best to develop community activities in the local area and to enable us to continue to do all of that we need a modernised and fully functioning community hub (in the form of a revitalised Old Church Hall) to be a mainstay of such endeavour.

Why is ASTRA needed?

ASTRA Community Projects stands at a crossroads between civic authorities (the Parish Council and Milton Keynes Council) and the Parochial Church Council.  From that vantage point the group works to embrace common concerns and endeavours to deliver a range of activities which appeals to the broad village community.  ASTRA is the single organisation in the local area having the capability, drive, commitment and enthusiasm to deliver a new Church Hall building for the community. 

How can I get involved?

You can do so by bringing whatever skills you possess to the cause. We need a wide range of people who can organise fundraising events, provide cakes and ales, offer musical entertainment, bring professional expertise to help with big-scale fundraising applications, become a member of the team, donate funding to the cause, offer a set of wide ranging skills that come about as we move through life and wish to impart to the next generation.

Do I need any experience or skills?

Not particularly, though any specialisms will be gladly welcomed.

How much time do I need to give?

As much as you are willing to give. We welcome all contributions no matter how small.