Building community

ASTRA is all about building community and not buildings. However, buildings are themselves the key amenity within a community that often enable everyone coming together under common purpose.

Our existing `Victorian Community Hall’ is no exception as it helps bring our community together, maintaining and building relationships in, across our village, and beyond. The village already has a shortfall of indoor community space, with the only other indoor space – the village Sports Pavilion – used close to capacity. As our population grows from 562 in 2011 to an expected 1,000 by 2025, the Community Hall will have significantly greater demands made of it. If we lose it (as we surely will if we fail to rebuild now), it will be impossible to replace and we fear its loss will signal the start of the demise of one of the strongest community spirits within the area.

Watch the video below to gain a perspective on what builds community and the importance of Community Halls going back more than 100 years!