Bah Humbug Auction – 27 January

Bah Humbug

Bah Humbug Auction 27 January

Astra’s first fundraising event of the year is the world famous Bah Humbug Auction.

At a loose end tonight? Fed up watching wannabe singers on TV reality shows?

Then fear not – we’ve got an event which is right up your street! It is the annual Bah Humbug auction were we aim to raise lots of money towards rebuilding the Church Hall.

I’ve just had an update from Mr Scrooge regarding some of the items up for auction. Tonight we have:

  • a signed Red Bull Race team cap. Both current drivers with letter of authenticity signed by Mr Horner – new! (can I get an ooooohhhh!)
  • Max Verstappen’s absolutely wonderful perspective on the 2016 Grand Prix season with terrific unique Red Bull Team photographs. Great coffee table book – new! (can I get an aaaaahhhh!)
  • a typewriter…yes, these things were used to communicate. Think iPad without the need to charge batteries. True eco warrior equipment!
  • low cost hearing aid, no batteries required (say that again) I said a low cost HEARING AID
  • unique collectors item from the States but dare you display this to friends (no idea what this is Mr Scrooge but got to be there to find out!)

We can still take more interesting items / unwanted Christmas gifts to auction, but come along, bring your favourite tipple, sit back, have a laugh and help support the new Community Hall rebuild!

Bah Humbug kicks off at 7:30pm Church Hall tonight.

See you then!

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1 Response to Bah Humbug Auction – 27 January

  1. Alan Preen says:

    Scrooge is rubbing his hands in anticipation oooooooohr!


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